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A Mental Health Personal Trainer based in East Sussex & Kent.


WellbeingFIT was inspired by my own personal experience of depression and anxiety (and treatment for PTSD).

Underpinning everything I do are my beliefs that:

1. Exercise can positively affect our mental health and enhance our wellbeing.

2. I can use my experience to provide unique support to you.

3. Everyone is capable of MUCH more than they believe.

Exercise is for everyone. The list is endless for how we can move our bodies and feel amazing.


If you want to get fit, start a new challenge and feel good about yourself (especially if you haven’t done so for a while) then get in touch.


I am based in Ticehurst, East Sussex. I cover areas in both East Sussex and Kent. To see what I am doing at the moment keep an eye on my Social Media @wellbeingfitwithellie and check out my blog #WeGotThis.

Local Classes
1-1, Online, Small group of 4


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I am a mum of three and I have suffered from depression and anxiety since 2010. In addition to GP-prescribed medication, exercise gave me a sense of self-worth and achievement. Whilst I benefited from the advantages of exercise, I was unable to access any peer group and associated support – there simply were none. Therefore, my loneliness and detachment persisted.

In 2018, I had a lightbulb moment – I could combine fitness and mental health as a personal trainer! I am now a Level 4 Mental Health Personal Trainer. I am also qualified to work with women during their pregnancies and in their postnatal period.


If you would like to be physically active; to be challenged; and to look after yourself - then I can use my experience, qualifications and passion to help you. You may have experienced (or be currently experiencing) mental ill-health or you simply would like a Personal Trainer who works hard to highlight your overall wellbeing instead of simply focusing on how you look; body fat %; weight loss etc. There is so much more to life than this - your health would be our primary focus. Exercise should be an inclusive and positive experience - no shame in sight. 

Seeing what you are physically and mentally capable of can be incredible for your sense of wellbeing. Exercise is for everyone - so consider putting your misgivings and lack of confidence to one side and give it a try. If you live in East Sussex or Kent near to Ticehurst - and want a female personal trainer who is different - then send me a message.


Love Ellie x



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Tel: 07931 671 369

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