Founded by Ellie and inspired by her own personal experience of mental health, we at WellbeingFIT believe that the stigma of mental illness should be more widely challenged and freely spoken about. Based in Ticehurst, East Sussex and the surrounding area’s - we are a passionate fitness business aiming to help those suffering with mild-moderate depression and anxiety.

We offer 1-1 personal training sessions and run a variety of group exercise classes with a key difference – your mental health is at the forefront of their design.

For our 1-1 personal training sessions, our balanced approach and personal experience with depression and anxiety will underpin how we will work together on defining your goals and establishing a training programme bespoke to you. Whether you have a specific physical challenge in mind; you want to see what you are capable of; or you want to give yourself confidence; you'll have a trainer who will always treat you with respect and empathy...as your inner-athlete emerges!

In our exercise groups, the focus is on getting fit....and social! Each class will encourage you to challenge your self-doubt and participate in a heart-pumping, fun-filled activity; followed by a friendly cuppa and a chat. You (and your exercise-induced feel-good endorphins) will have the chance to meet with others, who may feel exactly like you within a totally relaxed and informal space. This is a chance for you to connect, find support, and be supportive.

More information on our current exercise groups and 1-1 PT sessions can be found on the Book Online menu tab.

Let’s confront the stigma! Our blog will be regularly updated with useful information, empowering articles and helpful resources.


1-1 personal training sessions based on our belief that a balanced approach to physical and mental health can help us to cope with every day life.

Using the same ethos as in our 1-1 personal training sessions, you and up to 3 of your friends can start your journey together. Share the cost and motivate each other.



I am a mum of three and I have suffered from depression and anxiety since 2010. In addition to GP-prescribed medication, exercise gave me a sense of self-worth and achievement. Whilst I benefited from the advantages of exercise, I was unable to access any peer group and associated support – there simply were none. Therefore, my loneliness and detachment continued.

In 2018, I had a lightbulb moment – I could combine fitness and mental health as a personal trainer! I attained my qualification as a Level 3 Personal Trainer with Exercise Referral in London; and I can now use my experience, qualifications and passion to enable fellow mental health survivors to sweat, connect and support.

Seeing what you are physically and mentally capable of can be incredible for your sense of wellbeing. Exercise is for everyone - so consider putting your misgivings and lack of confidence to one side and give it a try. Love Ellie x




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