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Guest blog entry for The Enjoy Movement - run by Carole Dowling in Tunbridge Wells.

How have these past few months affected you during COVID-19? If you already loved exercise and moving your body in your way - has being able to connect with others over our Enjoy Movement group Zoom classes been a vital part of looking after your wellbeing? Do you think that the mental health benefits of exercise have surprised you?

And then there is the flip-side. If you previously were not a regular exerciser - do you now appreciate it in a new, perhaps unexpected, way?

Find my guest blog entry here:

Carole from The Enjoy Movement has enabled so many to stay connected and to keep prioritising their fitness. Such a huge benefit to both our mental and physical health.

If you live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and the surrounding areas then take a look at what Carole is doing. She is a refreshingly unique Personal Trainer who thinks that moving your body in your way can be fun, challenging and will make a real difference to your wellbeing. She especially works with women who usually feel that exercise is not for them. Not surprising perhaps that we work together? Both of us are Personal Trainers who put you first. No ‘beasting’, no comparisons. Just enjoyable movement for all!

Find her at and on Instagram and Facebook @the_enjoy_movement.

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