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#WeGotThis - No 10 - Taking a moment

Taking a moment. When you in the midst of depression or anxiety - your ability to take moments for yourself is affected.

This can be because you don’t take any enjoyment in much anymore (sign of depression) - even in things you used to love. Your motivation and ability to soak up enjoyment is diminished. Therefore you don’t attempt it any more (or you slap on your game face for the sake of appearances and inwardly feel like you want to run away and go to bed).

It could also be because you are frantically using your time to ‘get things done’. Your ability to relax and do nothing is affected when you are suffering with anxiety. Instead you may be restless and fidgety with tense muscles and using shallow breaths.

You may recognise elements of both scenarios in yourself - a sign you are suffering with both.

The ability to take these moments is vital to our mental health. It signifies that you value yourself (enough to prioritise your self care); that you enjoy feeling at peace (comes with doing nothing); that you don’t feel obliged to constantly give others your time and energy to justify who you are.

We all need down time. We all need peace. You are good enough for this.

if you can relate. No comment necessary. Just to show that you get it.

If you can relate to what I have described here (currently), maybe question how you are really doing. If you can relate to having felt like this in the past (but you are in a better place now) - then keep going!!

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