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Want to train with a friend or family member? Then you can share your sessions and split the cost. £20 per person per session.



I will keep you both motivated and challenged throughout - with your bespoke sessions. I always aim to work in an outside space where possible (such as a local park or your garden) due to the mental health benefits of being within nature. However if you have a suitable inside space within your home that will be great too!


I will use my Level 4 knowledge and experience to create a programme that takes your wellbeing into account. With me you get a unique Personal Trainer who has a passion for fitness and an appreciation of how it links to our mental health. Therefore if you need someone who will both challenge and understand you, I'd love to hear from you.


If you haven’t trained with me before then contact me and we can book a free 30-minute consultation for an informal chat. Contact me on or 07931 671369 to arrange.

FOR 2 PEOPLE - 45 minute sessions

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