A 30 minute online strength class for 6 weeks via Zoom .
New Term starting Wednesday 6th Jan - Wednesday 10th Feb 2021 (6 weeks). . School Term time only.
6.30 - 7pm
Want to start regular strength training but unsure of where to begin and what equipment you need?
You don't need a gym or lots of equipment to get an effective and really fun strength session into your routine. And this is what I aim to show you during this term of online classes.
This is a 6 week programme where you will progress and perfect your strength training.  So you can expect each session to be more challenging than the previous one!
Using your bodyweight, dumbells and loop resistance bands - you will fire up your body and learn what you can do with just a few props in the comfort of your own home. 
What to expect

A progressive 6-week strength programme. Each class pushing you slightly more and giving you confidence with what your body can do. Prepare to fall in love with strength training and to experience the mental health benefits of feeling stronger!
There will be focus given to your lower body (legs, glutes and hips), upper body (arms, shoulder, chest and back) and your inner stabiliser core muscles. Some moves will be bodyweight exercises and others will have resistance added using the weights/resistance bands. 
I will also be sure to give you tips and advice throughout regarding both what we are doing in the class and also on strength training in general.  

Termly payment of £42 for the full 6 weeks. Equating to £6 per class.
Current term Wednesday 6th Jan - Wednesday 10th Feb 2021 (6 weeks). 
What you need

1) A set of light, medium and heavier dumbbells 
2) A set of loop resistance bands (the ones that are a loop-shape as shown in the picture above).
Both can be easily purchased at a reasonable price and take up hardly any space in your home.
3) An fitness mat if you will be on a hard surface during the class.
4) A laptop. We will use Zoom for our class and I will email you a link for you to click which will take you into the online class each week.

We also all connect via a WatsApp group. Additionally we have a Facebook group where I record and post each of our workouts for you to do again if you wish! 
You will need to complete a health questionnaire before your first class. You can submit this online. Open the + Book tab above and complete both the Health Questionnaire and the Consent Form - then submit.

Online Strength class


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